Camping Essentials Checklist for a Summer of Fun!

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Summer’s Coming. Camping Time!  

Camping Essentials Checklist: Campsite with a view of hills and the sea.I love camping. It’s a fun, cheap way to holiday, brilliant for families and couples. But if the thought fills you with horror, perhaps it’s time you looked again. It’s not all muddy fields and grim toilet blocks these days. With the rise of Glamping, you don’t even have to sleep on the floor, unless you want to. We have compiled a camping essentials checklist, to ensure you have everything you need for the perfect getaway.

My favourtie thing about camping is cooking outside. I think there is something romantic and adventurous about bundling up and sitting outdoors whilst you cook dinner. I actually enjoy the challenge of cooking meals with just one small gas hob. It’s much more fun than rummaging through the kitchen at home.

My second favourite thing about camping is cool camping gadgets. I don’t own tonnes of stuff, but I do love looking at clever new inventions. Honestly, some of this stuff is just genius. Inflatable king size bed with king sized sleeping bags? Oh yes please!

The trick with camping is not to pack everything you own, you need to have room for you in your tent, as well as your stuff. Plus, tents aren’t spectacularly secure, you don’t want to be leaving a bunch of valuables in it, nor do you want to have to haul around a load of junk every time you go out. Keep fancy electronics to a minimum. I’d suggest no more than 1 ‘device’ per person on the trip. They mean you have to find ways of charging them and you have to remember to pack all the chargers.

Camping Essentials Checklist

Food - Plan your meals to use mainly tinned or dried foods, so you don’t have to worry too much about refrigeration.

Waterproof Coat and

WELLIES or walking boots.

Drinks and reusable water bottle - very useful at night, and won’t spill, unlike a glass or cup.

Warm jumper, evenings can get cool, you might even want to wear it in your tent to sleep.

Stove, pan (and kettle) you might not want to cook a lot, but can you survive in the morning without a cuppa?

Shorts/Lightweight comfy trousers, I would avoid jeans if you can, they’re bulky and don’t dry easily if they get wet.  

Cup/mug/cutlery/crockery Depending on what you’re planning on cooking, you’re going to need some of this stuff.

Socks - a pair for every day, plus 1 or two thick pairs for wearing in your wellies or to sleep. Check if your campsite has a laundrette.

Loo roll - DON’T forget this. Most campsites provide it in their toilet blocks, but having some of your own is still sensible.

Pants - a pair for every day  (& a couple of bras for ladies)

Bin bags - useful for sitting on, keeping stuff dry and as, well, bin bags.

Lightweight t-shirts or vest tops, things you can layer.

First Aid Kit including:

Paracetamol, plasters and any other essential medication.

Pyjamas - something comfortable and warm to sleep in (and wander to the shower in, when you wake up.)

Ear Plugs - you’ll thank us for this suggestion.

A hat with a brim.  Useful in rain OR sun!

Tent & TENT PEGS get one with enough space for you all, comfortably- try it at LEAST once before you go.

Flipflops - protect your feet from sharp stones, you can wear them in the shower too.

Reflective tape to stick to your tent, so you can find it in the dark. And DUCT TAPE - to fix stuff.

A sarong or large lightweight scarf. You can wear them in loads of ways, an extra way to keep warm in evenings.

Sleeping mat - fields are lumpy & cold! I personally prefer a nice, big inflatable bed.

Lightweight towel - it’ll dry out much quicker than a regular towel, and take up 1/10th of the space

Sleeping bag - I like a double to share with my hubby, so I can warm my feet on him, but you might prefer your own space.

Toiletries we have put together a great value pack of essential items to keep pongy armpits at bay, and minimise trips to the toilet block.

Batteries & portable charging pack for phone/camera

Sunglasses AND Suncream- you never know!

Torch - useful little blighter. And a camping lantern or two for light in the evenings

A small bag to use for trips to the shower and during the day for carrying your essential items

Other really useful items include:

  • A Folding Chair - It’ll make life a little bit more comfortable.
  • Dry shampoo leave your hair feeling fresh and revitalised, and you can avoid the dreaded shower queue as well.
  • A Cool Bag or Box with ice packs in - A lot of camp sites will have a facility for refreezing ice blocks.
  • Wet Wipes can be a godsend, easy to wipe sticky fingers whilst cooking or mop up small in-tent spills, you’ll find hundreds of uses for them.
  • An Atomiser for your favourite scent - the grown-up alternative to body spray, and so much easier to carry than full size bottles.
  • A travel Pillow - you could just use rolled up clothes, but these are so much more comfy!
  • Cordless Hair Straighteners - if you can’t bare to do without them.
  • Waterproof Phone Case - This should probably go in the essentials list, knowing British summers.

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