How To: Get All Your Toiletries In Your Hand Luggage and Through Airport Security

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How To: Get All Your Toiletries In Your Hand Luggage and Through Airport Security

It's a tricky thing, flying. You don't need a lot of luggage, and don't want to stand around waiting for luggage when you get to your destination. So, you need to get all your toiletries in your hand luggage and through airport security. But there are so many different toiletries we use that are liquids and you've got to cram them all in a small clear bag. How? 

How To: Get All Your Toiletries In Your Hand Luggage and Through Airport Security

I love my toiletries so this article is written for those like-minded people who always struggle to get all their ‘essential’ items in.

I’ve seen people at UK Airports numerous times having to remove items from bags they thought would conform with hand luggage regulations, only to have to part with their favourite moisturiser or throw away their perfume or after shave– it’s painful to watch.

Airports can impose their own rules

As well as the standard government regulations, airports can impose their own rules, so you need to be careful. I know from personal experience that some airports don’t accept a ‘3D’ bag i.e. a bag with depth at the sides allowing you to fit more in, and will only accept flat 2D bags, yet other Airports are happy to let you through. If you have your own toiletries bag that you think might be acceptable but you’re not sure, my tip would be to take another clear 2D bag which is 20cm x 20cm approx. and before you travel make sure your absolute essentials fit in it. Then if at the Airport, you are told your bag is not acceptable, you can transfer your items to a bag that confirms with their hand luggage regulations, already knowing what you’re prepared to sacrifice.

Having said that, It’s amazing what you can fit in to a little zip-lock bag, if you try, and I do love (and obviously need) my toiletries. Here’s what I managed to get in on a recent 4 day trip to Valencia…

How To: Get All Your Toiletries In Your Hand Luggage and Through Airport Security

    - 5ml pot with my moisturiser in
    - 50ml bottle for my contact lens solution
    - 5ml Perfume Pod
    - Mascara
    - Liquid eye liner
    - Quickies Eye makeup remover pads
    - 75ml Hairspray
    - 50ml Dry Shampoo
    - 5 Shampoo and Conditioner sachets
    - 50ml Shave and shower body wash
    - 35m mini Deodorant
    - 50ml Pocket size sun cream

      Valencia was amazing


      AND I had everything I needed packed in my hand luggage toiletries bag!



      So, my top tips for space saving when you’re cramming toiletries into a small clear bag are as follows:-
      • Know what constitutes a liquid according to airport security – you don’t need to put solid lipsticks or lipsyls, wipes or powders into your clear bag (note that lip glosses will need to be included) – each of the products on our website clearly states whether it’s a liquid, so if it’s not don’t include it!
      • Take a bag that’s the maximum allowable size of 20cm x 20cm – we provide these free with every order!
      • Get an atomiser for your fragrances – don’t take bulky after shave or perfume bottles – there are some fantastic easy to use, refillable atomisers on the market – this is my personal favourite little find, ever!
      • Use small bottles for your own stuff such as moisturiser, eye creams and contact lens solution – 50ml bottles are plenty big enough for a few days away and the small 5ml pots are ideal for creams
      • Use sachets – it depends what you’re preferences are and what you want to sacrifice, but sachets are a great way to save space – we have shampoo and conditioner sachets available, plus shave sachets in our men’s essentials pack
      • Use mini products – instead of taking your standard toothpaste and deodorant that you have already, get the mini versions – deodorants come in 35ml generally and a 50ml toothpaste is plenty even to share between two people
      • Take the lids off – if all else fails and you can’t get the bag done up, remove the lids (and the spray nozzle - preventing accidental squirts, though don't forget that bit!) from sprays such as antiperspirant, dry shampoo or hairspray.

      Live Happy, Travel Light!

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