Our Top 3 Websites For Finding Great Travel Deals

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Our Top 3 Websites For Finding Great Travel Deals.

Our Top 3 Websites For Finding Great Travel Deals.  Image by Caitlin Regan https://www.flickr.com/photos/caitlinator/3121199491/in/photostream/

We love travelling, and we know you, our customers do too, so we thought we’d share our top 3 websites for finding great travel deals. These are all ones we have used and had great experiences with. We’d love to know if you’ve used them too, or if you have any other hot tips for finding a travel bargain! 

In at number 3: Voyage Prive 

Our Top 3 Websites For Finding Great Travel Deals - #3 Voyage-Prive.com

If you’re looking for luxury package travel, then the ‘members only’ website Voyage-Prive is great . A one-stop shop for great deals on four-star (and up) holiday venues. From gorgeous self-catering apartments to all-inclusive resorts, there is something to suit everyone. Our top tip to get the best for your money is be flexible on location, if you can’t be flexible on dates. Research a few possible destinations, and you will be sure to get a great deal somewhere fantastic.

At number 2 we have: Airbnb


Our Top 3 Websites For Finding Great Travel Deals - #2 AirbnbIf you want to really experience living like a local, then Airbnb is definitely the way to go. Be careful to choose places with good reviews and if you have any queries at all, contact the owner. Obviously you pay a premium for the best reviewed places, so spend some time and do some research, but there are some fantastic bargains to be had and staying in someone’s home DEFINITELY makes the experience more than just a holiday.   

And finally the number 1 spot goes to Travelzoo

Our Top 3 Websites For Finding Great Travel Deals - #1 TravelzooWhether you want one night in an English Manor house, with optional afternoon tea,  or two weeks all inclusive at a luxury spa resort in the Maldives, with Travelzoo you are certain to find a deal that’s right up your alley. Even if you’re just idly wondering where you might go for your next trip, then turn to Travel Zoo for inspiration. Their weekly Top 20 deals are enough to whet the appetite of everyone with even a little wanderlust and are sure to encourage plenty of day-dreams - don’t read whilst you’re at work!


And just because we can, here’s a little Brucey Bonus, try Bownty

Our Top 3 Websites For Finding Great Travel Deals - Bonus: Bownty

Bownty isn’t a ‘travel’ website, although they do have plenty of travel bargains available. This is your one-stop shop for all the daily deals from members websites including Groupon, Wowcher, living social and more. They will send you a daily email, but if that’s too often then you have the option to dial it back to once or twice per week.

TOP TIP: When you’ve booked your trip, sign up to receive daily deals from Bownty for your destination and grab yourself some great-value days out, or perhaps a slap-up dinner at half the price!

Happy Travelling.

P.S. If you bag a last-minute deal, we've got you covered, just order one of our great value travel toiletries packs for him or for her & we'll send you everything you need, packed ready to go in your bag. Oh and if you're flying, you can check the hand-luggage regulations here.

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