Perfume Pods - The inspired gift suitable for anyone!

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Perfume Pods - The inspired gift suitable for anyone!

Need a great gift for someone, colleague, mate, partner, parent... anyone? Look no further than Perfume Pods - The inspired gift, suitable for anyone (really) even boys - after all, men like to smell good too! - just £5.95 each.
Perfume Pods - The inspired gift suitable for anyone!

But What Is A Perfume Pod?

The Perfume Pod is the easy way to take your favourite perfume, wherever you go.

They have a patented system to transfer perfume from standard bottles into the Perfume Pod. The perfume doesn’t come into contact with air so there’s no damage to the perfume.  The bottles are durable, scratch resistant, shatterproof, leak proof, clear so you can see how much is left in them, and most importantly are airline approved so they can go in your hand luggage, ideal for a weekend away.

They're perfect for for taking your favourite scent anywhere:
  • Nights out - small enough to fit in even a tiny clutch
  • After a gym session - keep one with your workout gear
  • Over night stays anywhere - don't take up too much room in your bag, or make it heavy.
  • Taking on holiday, wherever you're going (obviously) - they hold 65 sprays of your favourite scent!
I’ve got a couple of Perfume Pods that I’ve been testing for about a month and I love them.  Great for handbags, gym bags and travelling, they allow you to take some of your favourite perfume wherever you go.
I’m always looking at new products for Travel Toiletries 2 Go so if there is anything else you think you’d like to see as part of my range please do let me know.

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