The 5 BEST Travel Pillows

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The 5 BEST Travel Pillows

I love travelling. The journey for me is part of the excitement. But if you’re on a long trip, you will inevitably get tired at some point and want to rest your eyes. I don’t know about you, but I really don’t enjoy getting a stiff neck by falling asleep on a bus/train/plane and ending up with my head lolled to one side, or worse, back with my mouth open and drooling… urgh. So what’s the solution? Well I’ve done a lot of research and tried out a bunch myself, but I think I’ve finally found the 5 best travel pillows.

    1. The 5 BEST Travel Pillows: The J PillowThe J Pillow - If space isn’t too much of an issue, and (like me) you’re not wild about traditional U-shaped pillows then perhaps this is the travel pillow for you. It’s an unconventional shape, but is designed with genuine comfort and support in mind. With a unique chin support, it stops your head from falling forward, thus preventing the neck ache (and the dribbling!). If space is a premium, the J-pillow people also make an inflatable one.

    2. The 5 BEST Travel Pillows: Purefly Travel PillowPurefly Travel Pillow - For those who do like the traditional u-shaped travel pillow, I think you should try this one. Inflatable so it doesn’t take up a lot of space, it inflates with a button - no puff required! I particularly like this one because of it’s additional neck support. It has a washable cover and comes with a convenient bag to pack it and transport it in.

    3. The 5 BEST Travel Pillows: Trtl Trtl Pillow - This is a travel pillow with a difference. In fact the trtl (pronounced ‘turtle’) it’s not really a pillow at all rather an ingenious (scientifically proven) scarf with built in neck support. No use to you if you’re a hot sort of person (like my husband), but if you like to be snuggly and warm whilst you sleep, then I think this is possibly the ideal travel ‘pillow’. Machine washable too!

    4. The 5 BEST Travel Pillows: CushtieCushtie - This is a small bolster-shaped super squashy pillow. Again probably not for you if space saving is a concern, as it doesn’t really pack down, but if you want to be able to rest your head comfortably on any surface and have the room to carry it then it’s pretty near to perfect. It really is delightfully cuddly, filled with polystyrene micro-granules, it will mold to any shape and bounce back to it’s original cylinder. I am reliably informed it is excellent for a bit of lower back support too, on any chair (with a back, obviously) you choose.

    5. The 5 BEST Travel Pillows: TravelrestTravelrest - This thing doesn’t look like a pillow at all, but even the Wall Street Journal reckon it’s comfy. It’s inflatable and rolls up into a nice small cylinder, so not an issue for packing. This ‘pillow’ provides support by hooking over your shoulder and lying across your body, like an inflated 3-point seatbelt. Not for you if you want to look cool whilst you sleep(?), but definitely worth considering if you like the aisle seat when flying. There is a strap so you can ‘wear it’, by strapping it around your back and under your arm - a bit like a cross body satchel. Or you can ‘tether it’ to the headrest in the plane/car, and for extra security you can snap it around the lap part of the seat-belt. They also do a children’s size. My baby is only 1 at the moment, but I reckon I might get one for her when she’s bigger - looks perfect for long car journeys.

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