Why Travel Toiletries 2 Go?

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Why Travel Toiletries 2 Go?

I’ve been to a couple of events recently and made lots of new connections via social media and one question I’ve been asked is: “Why Travel Toiletries 2 Go?”

Well here goes:

My own experience of going away for a few days was not wanting, and not being able, to take big bottles of toiletries in hand luggage. I also struggled to find the choice of branded individual mini toiletries and empties that I needed and never really knew for sure what was airline compliant.

I asked friends and colleagues who I know take city breaks and travel for business; they agreed that there wasn’t a convenient way to get everything they needed and be sure toiletries met hand luggage rules. 

So Travel Toiletries 2 Go was born.

Our aim is to provide a high quality, convenient service for people who have busy lives and want to travel without all the hassle. We make packing for your holiday or business trip a breeze with a great choice of travel toiletries at great prices, ready to go in your carry-on bag.

We've been delighted with how it has gone, and reviews like this are fantastic to receive "Excellent service, perfect sized products for hand luggage and everything reasonably priced. Very quick delivery with no problems, I will use this company again.”

We are always looking to expand the range and create new packs of products, please have a look at what we offer here and let us know what you think?  We could maybe add kids packs for school residential trips, teen travel sets, SOS packs, workout packs for gym bags, or perhaps luxury spa packs.  We’d be really grateful if you could let us know which ones you might use, what you would ideally have in them, and if you have any other ideas.

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