Packing Checklist for Your Maternity Hospital Bag

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Packing Checklist for Your Maternity Hospital Bag

Travel size toiletries are really useful when you’ve got to go and stay in hospital. There isn't a lot of space on a ward, and with everything else that want, to make your stay comfortable, choosing mini toiletries just makes sense. Working out what to pack to take with you when you go into labour can be a bit tricky, you may be there for a day or a week. This is our packing checklist for your maternity hospital bag. I think I used everything on it!

My little girl was born just over a year ago now, but I remember (almost) every minute of being in hospital with her. After she arrived, and I had been put back together by the doctor, I wanted nothing more than to get into the shower. Having a baby is one heck of a workout you know! What a relief it was to get my wash bag out, that was packed with all my favorite mini toiletries, to help me feel something close to human again.



Sport drinks (gatorade or lucozade sport) - they’re made for endurance, and I couldn’t eat anything whilst in labour as I felt quite sick. I had 8 x 500ml bottles, was just enough.

Maternity Notes

Snacks and other drinks for you AND your birth partner(s).

Information about breastfeeding, and how to help your baby latch on. (if needed). The hospital will have formula and bottles.

Lip Balm (lips can get VERY dry with all that panting)

Pyjamas x 2 sets - 1 for labour, and one for afterwards (I recommend a loose t-shirt top - easy to lift up for breastfeeding)

TOILETRIES BAG with Shampoo, Conditioner, Body wash, Body Puff, Deodorant, Toothbrush & toothpaste.

Big, comfy, old or cheap knickers (that you won’t mind throwing away)

Hair brush

Dressing Gown

Hair bands & clips

Slippers/comfy footwear - I took my crocks.

Breast pads


Maternity pads

Nursing bra x 2 or other comfortable bras


Flannel - Very useful during labour

Face moisturiser

Aromatherapy oils (if you’re using them - lavender & geranium are a very relaxing combination)

Mobile phone charger - don’t forget that!

TENS machine, if you’re using one.

Magazine/book - especially if you’re being induced, it can be a long, boring wait for action.

Birthing ball - though the hospital may have one, so call and check.

Comfortable loose clothing (for wearing home)

Newborn nappies

Babygrows & vests x 2


Baby outfit for going home.

Baby sponge

Blanket for baby

Nappy cream

Socks or booties

Nappy bags

Baby hat, mittens, cardigan and bib

Muslin cloths

Car seat. Practice doing up the buckles, tightening and loosening the straps and also putting it in a car before you come to use it!


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