Hotel or Apartment: Where to stay when travelling.

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Hotel vs Apartment: Where to stay when travelling - or something else entirely?

There is lots to think about when planning a trip. We've covered packing, flying, so it's time to think about accommodation. It’s difficult to know what to choose. In fact with modern options like airbnb and glamping there is more choice than ever before. Hotel or apartment: where to stay when traveling is an exciting question!

These are things you should think about when looking for a comfy place to stay whilst you’re away from home:

Why am I travelling?

Where to stay when traveling: HotelIs this trip for business, pleasure, or visiting friends/family? If it’s a business trip, then the convenience of a hotel or a bed & breakfast would probably be vastly preferable to having to source food and cook for yourself, especially if you’re working long hours.

Am I travelling alone or with a partner or friends?

Where to stay when travelling: Bed & BreakfastIf you’re travelling alone, then you probably don’t need to rent a house that sleeps 10, but a large hotel can seem very impersonal and lonely. Why not try a bed and breakfast? If you’re travelling in a large group, and game for an adventure, consider glamping - you don’t have to put up the tent or carry all the equipment, and it’s got to be more interesting than your average travel lodge.

How long am I staying?
If you’re only staying one night, you probably don’t need additional space offered by rental accommodation, as you’re not going to be there long. If you’re planning on staying at least three days, then sometimes it’s nice to have somewhere to call home, whether it be an apartment in the heart of the city or a cottage in the countryside.

Do I want to be able to cook my own food?
Where to stay when travelling: ApartmentIf the answer to this is yes, then you need to be looking at something other than b & b’s or hotels, as they invariably don’t have any cooking facilities. Don’t want to rent a whole apartment? Well try renting a room via airbnb, owners are often happy to share their kitchens, as long as you follow their house rules.

Do I need to be able to come and go at unsociable hours?
If you’re planning on going out late at night or very early in the morning, then you might be more comfortable in a slightly larger hotel perhaps, not a b&b; or an apartment where you have a sole occupancy, rather than a shared space, where you’d have to consider the owners.

Do I want to experience the place like a local?
If you really want to get a feel for a city or country, then there is no better way than living like a local - not something you can do in a hotel or b & b; you won’t get the same sense of life as you do when shopping for food in a local market

Do I want an adventure?
Where to stay when travelling Something Else EntirelyHotel’s are easily accessible, and you have a good idea what you’re getting, and unless you’ve got a huge budget, they’re not usually very memorable. If you want a chance a the holiday of a lifetime, then choose something different, with a bit of research, the possibilities are endless.

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