Mini toiletries - singles

Our Travel Toiletry packs should cover all the basics, but you may find you need a few extras such as wipes, lip balm and sun cream. Not all items are classed as liquids - we note this against each product so you can be sure what you need to pack into the clear plastic bag through security.

Body Puff - Travel Toiletries 2 Go

Body Puff

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If you want to take some of your own specific stuff such as foundation, contact lens solution or moisturiser just add in some travel size bottles, all under 100ml, so ok to take in your hand luggage.

And we’ve got some great mini atomisers for perfume and aftershave which means you can still take your favourite fragrance away with you without having to take a bulky glass bottle.

Just make sure you can pack it all into a 20cm x 20cm airport security bag – see our top tips if you think you might be struggling. We sell a Snopake Airbag specifically designed for this purpose, and our Short Break packs include one of these as standard.