Travel Size Deodorant and Body Spray

Travel Size Deodorant and Body Spray

Don't forget to take your mini travel size deodorant and body spray with you. Feel fresh and smell good all day long!

Travel size deodorants and sprays are perfect when trying to save space for toiletries in hand luggage, generally in mini sizes of 25-35ml and come in great brands such as Dove, Nivea and Lynx, these much better than the standard bulky 50ml plus sizes when travelling.

As well as using mini body sprays, to keep yourself smelling great, make sure you pick up one of our super Travel Atomisers for your after shave or perfume. These 5ml Travalo Atomisers are simple to fill straight from your own favourite fragrance bottle, and perfect for travelling light.

Choose from individual travel size toiletries, all under 100ml and we'll send them in an airport security approved clear plastic bag 20cm x 20cm, all ready to go straight into your hand luggage when flying. We also have a number of customised travel packs, designed for different types of short breaks – from festivals and camping to sunshine city breaks or just a short break away, you’ll find them beneath the Travel Toiletry Sets menu

For those of you lucky enough to be getting on a flight, If you’re not sure of the current hand luggage regulations for toiletry products or need to check what your airline accept in terms of a baggage allowance, check out our Simple Guide to Hand Luggage Rules. It gives information about what is classed as a liquid (and what is not) with useful links to full government regulations plus the main airlines.