Travel Size Showering

Travel Size Shower Gels

Keep fresh with our great range of mini travel size shower gels

All our mini shower gels are hand luggage ready under 100ml, so whether you like Aussie, Dove, Lynx, Nivea or other brands, they're all perfect for travelling light. And grab a body puff – ideal for taking away for a short break.

Generally sized around 50ml, depending how many days you’re away for (and how many showers you have) you may need to take more than one of these. Some of the men’s products are suitable for hair, body and face, so you won’t need to take a separate shampoo or face wash – perfect!

You might also need deodorant and body spray – we do mini versions of these as well, usually around 25-35ml, great for saving space, much better for a take away than your standard 50ml size, especially if you need to fit everything into a small plastic bag for going into hand luggage.

Flying and taking hand luggage only? Don’t worry – with each and every order we send clear zip bags 20cm x 20cm, compliant with airport security rules, and all our products are under 100ml. If you need to check out the hand luggage regulations for or check the baggage allowance for your airline, you may find our Simple Guide to Hand Luggage Rules useful.

We also have a number of travel toiletry sets suited to different types of breaks – each of which also comes with an airport security bag. You can see our current range beneath the Travel Toiletry Sets menu