Liquids in Hand Luggage - Top Tips to get all your toiletries in

Take a bag that’s the maximum allowable size of 20cm x 20cm – the Snopake Airbag is designed specifically for taking toiletries through airport security in hand luggage. Note that we include one of these as standard in our popular Short Break packs.

Know what constitutes a liquid according to airport security – you don’t need to put solid lipsticks or lipsyls, wipes or powders into your clear bag (note that lip glosses will need to be included).

Get an atomiser for your fragrances – don’t take bulky after shave or perfume bottles – there are some fantastic easy to use, refillable atomisers.

Use small travel size bottles for your own stuff such as moisturiser, eye creams and contact lens solution – 50ml and 75ml bottles are plenty big enough for a few days away and the small 5ml pots are ideal for creams.

Use sachets – it depends what you’re preferences are and what you want to sacrifice, but sachets are a great way to save space – we have shampoo and conditioner sachets available, sun cream sachets and shaving cream sachets.

Take the lids off – if all else fails and you can’t get the bag done up, remove the lids from sprays such as antiperspirant, dry shampoo or hairspray.