Travel Toiletries 2 Go Guide to Hand Luggage Rules

EU Hand Luggage Regulations explained

Liquids in Hand Luggage

Understanding the rules for what liquids you can take on a flight in your hand luggage is a must before you go, so here’s our simple guide………..

  • You need to fit all you liquid items into a clear sealable bag, approximately 20cm x 20cm
  • Only one bag per person is allowed
  • What’s classed as a Liquid ? Any liquids, pastes, gels, creams and aerosols, including lip gloss, mascara, liquid eyeliner. All these items will need to go in your clear plastic bag
  • What’s not a Liquid ? Wipes, Solid lipsticks or lypsyls, solid pencils and powders are not classed as a Liquid – these products can go in with the rest of your hand luggage, no need to try to fit them in the clear bag
  • Each individual liquid item/container in the bag must be no more than 100ml capacity
  • No more than 1000ml can be taken in total, though this can be in as many items as you like, for example you could take 50  x 20ml sachets if you so wish
  • The clear plastic bag must be sealed (a zip style bag is most suitable to allow for this)
  • No chemicals or toxic substances are permitted, and there are separate rules if you need to take medicines with you – see further detail in Government standard regulations for liquids in hand luggage 

Also good to know……..

  • Airports can apply their own restrictions – for example, some airports accept 3D bags, some don’t, so even if you have a 3D bag that you’ve previously used at one UK airport they won’t necessarily accept it at another!  Best advice is to ensure even if you do want to use your own bag always make sure you can fit all your items into the standard 20cm x 20cm bag as Airport Security may ask you to, and you don’t want to have your stuff thrown away!
  • A good tip is to take lids off items if you’re struggling to squeeze everything in, you probably won’t be bringing it back with you so it doesn’t really matter anyway!

The Snopake Airbag is designed specifically for taking toiletries through airport security in hand luggage. Note that we include one of these as standard in our popular Short Break packs.


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