Toiletries in Hand Luggage - Top Tips

Toiletries in Hand Luggage - Top Tips

Take a bag that’s the maximum allowable size of 20cm x 20cm – we provide these free with every order!

Know what constitutes a liquid according to airport security – you don’t need to put solid lipsticks or lipsyls, wipes or powders into your clear bag (note that lip glosses will need to be included) – each of the products on our website clearly states whether it’s a liquid, so if it’s not don’t include it!

Get an atomiser for your fragrances – don’t take bulky after shave or perfume bottles – there are some fantastic easy to use, refillable atomisers on the market – our favourite little find, ever!

Use small travel size bottles for your own stuff such as moisturiser, eye creams and contact lens solution – 50ml bottles are plenty big enough for a few days away and the small 5ml pots are ideal for creams

Use sachets – it depends what you’re preferences are and what you want to sacrifice, but sachets are a great way to save space – we have shampoo and conditioner sachets available, plus shave sachets in our men’s essentials pack and sun cream sachets in other packs

Use mini products – instead of taking your standard toothpaste and deodorant that you have already, get the mini versions – deodorants come in 25-35ml generally and a 50ml toothpaste is plenty even to share between two people

Take the lids off – if all else fails and you can’t get the bag done up, remove the lids (and the spray nozzle - preventing accidental squirts, though don't forget that bit!) from sprays such as antiperspirant, dry shampoo or hairspray.


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