Travel size toiletries for shaving

Travel size toiletries for shaving

Both men and women like to keep well groomed whilst on holiday, but you don’t really want to be carrying the standard 200ml shaving cream bottles around, and if you’re taking hand luggage only on a flight, you won’t be able to, everything will need to be under 100ml.

We have shave gels and foams from 30ml, though the most popular are 75ml Gillette shaving gels. We also provide a choice between a disposable razor pack (men’s or women’s) or a better quality single razor if preferred (again men’s or women’s are available) that you can use after your holidays as well.

There’s aftershave balm for men to keep you fresh, and if you want to smell great and take you favourite aftershave, just pick up one of our fabulous Travalo Atomisers – small and compact, simple to refill, great for travelling light!

We also have some Travel Toiletry packs that contain shaving sachets, a great space saver, especially if you need to get your toiletries in a clear plastic bag through airport security.

And if you are travelling with hand luggage only on a flight, you might find our simple  guide useful – it tries to simplify the rules and also provides some really useful links to main airlines and related baggage allowances. You might also pick up a few tips on how to squeeze in all your favourite stuff!


Travel Size Toiletries - Shaving