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Travel Toiletries 2 Go

Travel Toiletries 2 Go is a UK company based in the West Midlands. We aim to offer convenience for our Customers whilst providing excellent customer service and quality products at a competitive price.

We provide a one-stop shop for all your holiday toiletries - you can select from a mix of quality branded toiletries plus some fabulous perfume or aftershave atomisers, as well as travel size bottles and pots for your own favourite items such as contact lens solutions or foundation – you'll find these beneath the Travel Bottles menu .

For your convenience, we provide standard security-compliant clear zip-top bags with every order so you don’t have to worry about it when you get to the airport.

We have put together a Simple Hand Luggage Guide relating to current UK regulations regarding liquids, gels and aerosols you can carry in your hand luggage when flying, along with links to the latest government guidelines and also the baggage allowances specified by the main airlines. In addition to this, all our product listings display this information, making it clear whether a product is classed as a liquid and needs to be included - if a product listing shows the word 'LIQUIDS' above it, then it needs to go into a clear plastic bag in your hand luggage, otherwise you can just include it with the rest of your hand luggage.

We are always looking for ways to improve, so If you have any feedback or comments about our products or services, please email us at

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