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7th Heaven Pamper Pack for Face, Body and Feet

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7th Heaven Pamper Pack for Face, Body and Feet

Lovingly made by herbalists using the most luscious natural ingredients from around the world, this 7th Heaven beauty treats for face, body and feet will leave your skin feeling refreshed and revived at home or away.

Strawberry Souffle Face Mask – Hydrates

Loaded with Strawberry goodness which leaves skin hydrated & refreshed. Allow your skin to breathe with soothing Aloe Vera & calming Vanilla for smoother skin.

White Chocolate Face Mask – Cleanses and soothes

Smells so yum please don’t be tempted to eat! Allow the Cocoa & Shea Butter, rich White Chocolate and moisturising Jojoba in our face mask to leave your skin deep cleansed and smooth as the softest cream.

Green Tea Face Mask – Purifies pores and cleanses

Re-energise with our uplifting, deep cleansing Green Tea Peel Off Mask, exploding with natural antioxidants, young Green Tea, root Ginger and reviving squeezed Lemon. Peel to reveal a deeply purified, toned and radiant complexion. 

Goji Berry Body Smoothie - Hydrates

Watch as the mouth-watering blend of Goji Berries (magical in Chinese medicine for hundreds of years) & Jojoba melt into skin leaving it fabulously moisturised, radiant & supple, leaving the skin super hydrated all day long

Foot Soak and Foot Lotion

Foot Soak: Relax and revive tired feet with invigorating juiced Pink Grapefruit and soothing pressed Mint for refreshed and happy feet!

Foot Lotion: Give your feet some TLC… Crushed Zinc Salt extracts will help eliminate any nasty odours, while chopped Spearmint will leave feet tinglingly smooth and refreshed.

Contains LIQUID - Needs to be included in a clear plastic bag to meet UK Airport Security hand luggage requirements, so we'll send you a free one with your order.

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