Travalo Perfume Pod Atomiser - Gold

  • £6.95

Travalo Perfume Atomiser - Gold

With the award winning Genie-S refill system, patented around the world, the Perfume Pod atomiser is a must-have for travellers everywhere.

The Genie-S technology preserves all the potency of your perfume and is guaranteed leak proof. It's 8.5cm long and holds 65 sprays, it's completely shatter-proof, made without any glass, and if fully approved for air travel !

Easy and quick refilling system: Just pump and fill - fills from most of standard perfume spray bottles, without any adjustment required. Watch the video.....


As these will contain LIQUID - They need to be included in a clear plastic bag if you're flying, to meet UK Airport Security hand luggage requirements, so we send you one with your order, FREE!

For a full list of hand luggage restrictions at UK airports, click here